Great analogy of the Exodus journey. One additional thought I had while reading this was that the Israelites were led by God throughout their journey (by either the the pillar of cloud or fire – Exodus 13:21). God was with them, providing what they needed to move forward, the entire time. However, they still had to do the work of travelling and following his direction. I also wanted to share a somewhat related post of mine – Now what?

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“Not a word failed of any good thing which the LORD had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass,” Joshua 21:45

The waiting – sometimes excruciating. The battles – hard fought and horrendous. The enemies – many. The hopes and dreams of a people once enslaved – building. The promise – within sight. Victory – obtained. Possession – now.

The journey of the children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land had not been a road easily traveled. Through it all they struggled with discouragement and wrestled with obedience. Battles ensued, some won and some lost. Crossing the Red Sea; crossing the Jordan. Walls were brought down at Jericho and lives fled at Ai. The sun stood still during the fight and kings were conquered. Now, they are at the promise but the road there was not easy.

The children of Israel and their excursion to…

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  1. I love your additional comments. It is absolutely imperative for each of to gain understanding that we are not in this journey alone. God is always by our side “the entire time.” It can’t be stressed too much. It reminds me of that old “Footprints” poem. This is all so true in our lives 🙂

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