Give Me a Break, Give Me a Break

When to quite online dating? I think Ruth gives sound advice here. Also, remember that God will bring you to your mate in his time in his own way. So, don’t worry about unsubscribing because you think the minute you log off you’ll miss the ONE. He’s got you covered and he can take care of introducing you.

I Kissed My Date Goodnight

Internet DatingA male reader recently wrote me to ask: When is the right time to quit online dating? Using my Sherlock Holmes powers of deduction, I can assume he hasn’t met the woman of his dreams. If he were questioning whether to continue online dating even after meeting his wife, we’d have bigger fish to fry. No, this reader — like so many of us, including myself — is simply frustrated with not finding that special someone, and is questioning whether to keep up an online dating subscription. Valid question. Notebooks open, pencils sharpened… let’s dive in.

As you know, I’m a big proponent of online dating. I’ve tried it, I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve been matched with some great men. On the other hand, I’ve tried it, I’ve hated it, I’ve been matched with some real freakazoids. But, come on, that’s the nature of dating in general, not just online dating…

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