People You Can’t Stand

People you can't stand. The mutual friends that annoy you, the coworkers that are mean, the guy on the bus that gives you attitude because you sat next to him, and the people that shove you around in the crowded subways. Sometimes they are irritating blips on your life screen; other times you get caught up …


A Beautiful Soul

To be a reflection of Jesus' love is to reflect true beauty and that's what shines through to others. They notice it, they feel it, they want to know where it comes from. I love the verse she closes off with.

“Privileged Responsibility”

Have you ever been criticized with the following – “Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian? Then why did you make xyz mistake?!” It’s frustrating to hear those words because we are, after all, human. We make mistakes even if we have chosen to follow Christ. Although there is a difference in the way we live (or at least there should be), there are times when we don’t behave as God would expect us to.

On the flip side, this post  is also a very important reminder that we are representatives and leaders whether we consider ourselves qualified or not. You may not think it’s true, but people are watching how we react to different situations and how we treat those around us. If we make mistakes, that’s okay because God has it covered. He can rectify any messed up situation. But at the same time, we should remember that we have an opportunity to reflect the passionate and unconditional love of God. It’s an awesome responsibility.

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Word For Life Says . . .

” For unto whomever is given, of him shall much be required,” Luke 12:48

In 1998 a movie titled “Ever After: A Cinderella Story” starring Drew Barrymore came out.  Over the years this has become one of my favorite movies to watch because it gives a realistic human experience to that fairy tale of old.  With a comedic twist is shows one way that this romance could have played out if it were real.

The so-called Prince Charming in this movie had a name, it was Henry.  Henry was a some-what spoiled prince who didn’t always want to operate under his parents rule.  He didn’t want to be king and he didn’t want to be forced into marriage with a complete stranger because of obligation.  It was around this time when his mother Queen Marie said, “Sweetheart . . . you were born to privilege and with that comes specific…

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Answered Prayer: What a mess!

Ok, I know this analogy is a bit long but I think you'll appreciate the perspective I gained today so bear with me. 🙂 If you've ever worked on a group project; you know how much frustration, mis-communication, and stress is involved. Although I've had my share of frustrations with people who didn't write well …